Natural Insomnia Relief – 5 Top Tips For Your Most Peaceful Night’s Sleep

A good nights sleep is so fundamental to our health and well being, as sleep time is when the mind deals with your stresses and strains of the day, and your amazing body carries out all necessary repair work. People who enjoy a good sleep routine are generally more positive, focused, relaxed and happy individuals. They definitely have fewer problems with anxiety and stress, and interestingly have fewer issues with keep their weight under control.

So we know that we need our sleep, but a decent peaceful night eludes so many of us, so what can we do to get a good sleep habit.

1) Analyse your mind with regards to sleep and relaxation

Are you stressed or worried about things. Write down your thoughts fears and worries and you may be surprised at what shows up. Once written down you have something tangible, that you can action, put away for a time, or perhaps even destroy! The action gets it out of your head, and you will find it easier to relax and put your concerns to one side.

2) Please know that alcohol does not help you sleep

One unit may relax you and be beneficial, any more will hype your blood sugar, and will often wake you in the early hours. If you have had a tank full you will be comatose and will not benefit from your coma! So please no alcohol, caffeine, or heavy meals within 4 hours of bedtime. A milky drink and lavender scent are proven sleep aids. Sleeping pills are generally intended for short term assistance, and are not an ongoing solution.

3) Have your bedroom just for sleeping and sex

Your mind must associate it with relaxation and pleasant experience. Television in the bedroom will not help you sleep. Have your room warm comfortable and dark. Having your headboard North to South has been shown to make a positive difference, in connection with the magnetic force of the opposite poles.

4) You must have a routine

Aim to allow yourself 8 hours in bed, and go to bed at the same time every night, arise at the same time also no matter how tired you are. Even at weekends or when you’re not working, do not stay sleeping more than one extra hour or your body clock will be messed up. Your body and mind will become accustomed to the routine, and sleep will come more naturally.

5) Use progressive relaxation techniques for 10 minutes prior to sleep

Tense each major muscle group in turn for 10 seconds and then relax and breathe out slowly. Start with your facial muscles, progress through neck shoulders, stomach pelvis, thighs all the way done to your toes. Clenching, holding and releasing whilst breathing out very slowly. Feel the opposite to tension which is complete relaxation.

Try not to be anxious about not sleeping as this obviously contributes to the problem. Your body will take sleep when it needs to, so do not be over worried about it. Just employ the tips above and many more to be found on my sites to help you find peace, relax and unwind, and you’ll soon be sleeping like a baby again!