Insomnia relief without meds

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Everywhere in Texas.

Is CBT-I Right For Me?


CBT-I is as effective as medication in the short term and more effective in the long term. Seventy-eighty percent who try CBT-I get significantly better sleep. CBT-I improves sleep even in the presence of depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain and cancer. It’s effective for anxiety-related insomnia, hormone-related insomnia, new parents once baby sleeps all night, busy professionals, athletes and people interested in good health.


CBT-I a drug-free therapy. The process provides an opportunity to reduce or eliminate sleep medications.

Sleep as Nature Intended

Sleep is regulated through two main mechanisms: circadian rhythm and homeostasis. CBT-I teaches you how to sleep well by tapping and training your body’s inherent abilities.

Life-changing Skills

We are wired for acute insomnia. It is a normal response to stress. The skills learned during CBT-I will help you prevent acute episodes of insomnia from becoming chronic in the future.


Sleep may continue to improve for one to two years after CBT-I is completed. Improvements gained in CBT-I are shown to last as long as ten years.