What’s next for the Commons Atlas?

January 27, 2014 Ellen C. Friedman Uncategorized

The members of CommonSpark are ready to make the Commons Atlas a reality in 2014!

We are deeply engaged in the process of creating data and visualizations, including:

A Map of the Movement will help us see the better world that is bursting forth with new life from under the broken concrete that is business as usual. We are building an extensive list of commons and other initiatives from the sharing and solidarity economies. This data will be accessible through both maps and a searchable directory.

All Our Grievances are Connected will expose how all ecological, economic and social ills are connected to the commons. The commons is the common ground. It is a pragmatic, systems-level frame that will give us the ability to see the world with new eyes and help us create the paradigm shift that addresses the catastrophic, wicked problems that currently plague the world.

Privatized Public Resources will identify enclosures of public land, spaces, infrastructure, and cultural assets. This data will show the pervasive capture of our shared wealth by private entities. Currently, we only see the tip of this immense iceberg that tells the story of the greatest theft in the history of humankind.

Our Common Wealth will focus on the aspirational big picture of our shared ecological, cultural and social inheritance and their states of wellbeing. It is critical that we see what we share in order to claim our birthrights. Future generations of all living beings depend on us stepping into the role of steward of all we share.

The Commons Atlas also will serve as a portal to the existing commons-related maps and data visualizations, petabytes of open data related to the commons, and tools you can use to create your own visualizations and commons. You can get a small taste of what’s to come here on the CommonSpark website:

Commons Maps
Threat Maps
Open Data
Visualization & Collaboration Tools
Mapping & Commons Creation Processes

What can you do at the Commons Atlas website?

Discover. Explore the maps and data. Learn about real commons, how they work, their successes and challenges, and be inspired by how people successfully share.

Create. Use open data and the tools to create compelling visualizations. You can also visualize your own data and map local, regional, and global commons. Identify opportunities to form new commons and apply applicable processes. The wave of commons creation sparked by your creativity will transform the world.

Contribute. Contribute your knowledge to open maps and data. Add your maps and data to identify and strategically address local, regional or global threats.

Connect. Add yourself and your organization to the directory and share your successes and challenges. Identify commons-related organizations for employment or volunteer opportunities. Connect with other commoners.

Share. Use the maps, data, and tools to educate others in a classroom, online or in your communities. Share maps, data, and other resources through social media.

Stay tuned for the launch of our crowdfunding campaign and global data expedition coming soon! You’re invited to contribute your knowledge to the datasets and your money to a project that will create jobs in the commons sector and build an important and generative knowledge commons.

Keep up with the latest news about the emerging commons movement and the Commons Atlas on Twitter, Facebook, and email.

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