Project Update June 2014

June 9, 2014 CommonSpark Uncategorized

We’ve been making huge progress on the Commons Atlas project since our last post.

We’re in the process of creating striking visualizations that will allow easy navigation of our commons maps, systemic threat maps and open datasets collections which keep growing by leaps and bounds and now feature almost 900 links. We’re using d3, a cutting-edge, open source, data visualization javascript library that utilizes a JSON format. You can check out the d3 library here. We’ve chosen to use the bilevel partition for these three visualizations. Here are a couple of beautiful examples:

Digital Commons Network

Which fossil fuel companies are responsible for climate change?

We’re getting very close to launching our long-awaited Indiegogo campaign! Besides crowdsourcing the funds needed to build the Commons Atlas and Directory knowledge commons, we hope you’ll join us for a grand treasure hunt! Soon you’ll be invited to host a party in your area or online to crowdsource data for the directory of commons.

Another big piece of news is that CommonSpark is now a nonprofit in the state of Texas. In the end of April, we filed for federal tax-exempt status with the IRS. We’re waiting on our letter of determination. If all goes as planned, your donations during the Indiegogo campaign will be tax-deductible.


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