Check Out Our Commons Maps & Bad Actors-Bad Outcomes Map Portals

March 28, 2015 CommonSpark Uncategorized

Our map portals “Maps in the Spirit of the Commons” and “Bad Actors-Bad Outcomes” have been published!

The commons map collection includes maps about food, water, the Great Lakes, sharing cities and much more. The Bad Actors-Bad Outcomes portal links to hundreds of maps related to human rights violations, the oil & gas industry, climate change, police violence, gentrification, and more. They are both huge eye-openers and an easy way to see the systemic problems and solutions.

Both mindmaps contain almost 300 links so they’re quite large. It’s easiest to navigate if you click the “collapse nodes” button, use the slider to zoom out/minimize, and then open one node at a time. You can open a larger version of the map by clicking on the title.


Maps in the Spirit of the Commons

Bad Actors – Bad Outcomes

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