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December 11, 2014 CommonSpark Uncategorized

Our fundraising campaign to create CommonsScope wraps up on Dec 22nd. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed! Every contribution brings us closer to creating a website that will help people see the commons and give us tools so we can begin to protect them.

“The value of the commons is beyond reckoning. Before we can protect it, though, we have to see it, and that is no small task. Of course, seeing the commons is only a first step; the ultimate challenge is to protect it.” ~ Jonathan Rowe

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In these historic times, we feel it is critical to take an accounting of our shared assets. Some people call these assets common wealth, or in an archetypal sense, the commons. We invite you to share your opinion on five important questions. Better yet, invite your friends to have a conversation and then tell us the highlights using our online survey. We’ll analyze the responses and report back after the new year.

Listen to David Rovics’ song, The Commons, for a little inspiration.

Here are the five questions:

1. What is your community’s common wealth?

2. What is the most critical common wealth to claim and protect at this historic moment? Why?

3. What common wealth needs to be off limits to privatization or any other form of enclosure?

4. How can your community restore accountability for the care of your common wealth?

5. How is reclaiming common wealth related to creating a just, livable, and peaceful future?

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We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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