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Ellen in hat in Cali 2Ellen Friedman
Research, Social Media, Blog

Ellen is a commons activist, researcher and behavioral sleep therapist. She believes commons are the new-old social, cultural, economic and governance models that are in the process of replacing the current dysfunctional systems. Ellen’s intention is to participate in the regeneration of community and the planet that is our common home through commons creation, reclamation and stewardship. She lives in a quiet green garden with her beloved partner and family of cats.


Jim Casey
Development, Research

Jim is a commons activator who seeks a future for human civilization that is survivable and sustainable. He has worked with information technology for three decades and currently collaborates in the development of software solutions for very large data repositories. He feels blessed to work alongside people who fight for social and economic justice, and aspires to help communities reclaim, defend and preserve what must be shared to survive and thrive. He is also fond of world music, spicy food, and cats.


 Megan Keith
Design, Research, and IT Ninja

Megan is a self-taught network engineer and Unix administrator with 10 years experience in the industry. She is a social, economic, and food justice activist, and strives to create positive and nourishing community. In her free time, Megan enjoys nighttime photography, record collecting, cooking and sharing vegan food, and seeing live music.




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