47 New Maps!

August 27, 2013 Ellen C. Friedman Uncategorized

The creative juices have been flowing and the Commons Atlas continues to emerge into reality.

What’s new? If you love maps, you’re gonna love this.

There are 19 new commons maps and 28 new threat maps. There are some seriously outstanding visualizations, so please take some time to peruse the additions to the collection. You’ll find lists of the new maps below the fold.

There’s also a new collection of resources, including pages of commons organizations, commons-related blogs, and outstanding things to read. Many of the publications have been released under a Creative Commons license and are available for free download.

One book of note is “Wealth of the Commons: Beyond Market & State”. This collection of 73 essays, edited by David Bollier and Silke Helfrich, is a must read for it’s clarity showing the breath and depth of practical commons solutions from authors around the world.

The new dataset is pure gold! The Guardian’s Datablog published an “Ultimate list and resource” which is includes all their datasets since Datablog began in 2009. It’s an immense data library, an A – Z with dozens and dozens of topics.

There’s yet another whole new section with an initial set of processes for creating maps and creating commons. A few favorites from this page include Hackitectura’s process for mapping the urban commons, and the People’s Process from Eradicating Ecocide. Also check out their Eradicating Ecocides, WISH 20 campaign to support an international law against ecocide and put yourself or your organization on their map.

What’s next?

We’re creating our first original maps. I’ve been generating data and working some big spreadsheet magic. It looks like we’ll use MapsMarker and D3 to generate these first visualizations for Austin Commons, Humanity’s Common Wealth, and Global Privatized Public Resources.

Happy Mapping!

New Commons Maps

Bike Share Map
Census of Marine Life: Footprints of all census projects
Census of Marine Life: Ocean Life: Diversity, Distribution, Abundance
European Protected Sites
Fearless Summer
Lake Macquarie City Council’s interactive map for crowdsourcing feedback on Warners Bay Town Centre
Mapping America- American Community Survey
National Atlas Streamer
National Complete Streets Coalition
NYCity Map
Protect your Watershed: An interactive guide to taking action
The World We Want
Waterkeeper Swim Guide
World Heritage List
World of the Census – census of marine life & visualization
Yellow arrow

New Threat Maps

Aquatic Dead Zones
Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2012
A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 by Isao Hashimoto
Block by block, Brooklyn’s past and present: An interactive map showing the age of buildings in Brooklyn
Clean up continues from 2010 oil spill
Extreme Energy in the UK: The big picture
Fracking across the United States
Fracking and Drinking Water Contamination
Gezi protest map
Japan Finally Admits The Truth: “Right Now, We Have An  Emergency At Fukishima”
Main issues on Philopappos Hill for the local residents movement
Our Dwindling Food Variety
Privately Owned Public Spaces
Privatization Barometer
Privatization: Michigan School District Support Service Privatization 2008
Status and location of oil and gas pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico
State of Power 2013
Syria Tracker
The Colorado River
The Histomap: Four Thousand Years of World History, Relative Power of Contemporary States, Nations and Empires
The U.S. Immigration Detention Boom
TPP investment Map: New Privileges for 30,000 Companies?
Waterkeeper Swim Guide
What if you could see inequality?
Women Under Siege

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